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   CV3 Method 

All are welcome to join this Core V3 community to access lean, strong bodies, increased energy, healthier habits, and an uplifted mood.


Experience the CV3 Method, an energizing fusion of strength training, Pilates, yoga, functional movement, and aerobic exercises utilizing the innovative space-saving Corefirst™  & home equipment. An incredible workout that will engage you, challenge you, and change the way you exercise. Membership also includes: Core Strong & StretchFit!


Our expert instructors will guide you, ensuring that every workout is effective, safe and empowering.

CV3 Virtual Membership 

Monthly Memberships:

35 Minute Livestream Sessions:

Monday & Friday: (CV3 Method) 6:15am MST/8:15am EST

Tuesday & Thursday: (CV3 Method)  6:15am MST/8:30am EST

Wednesday (StretchFit): 6:15am MST/8:15am EST

Diamond Membership:

+ Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Core Strong): 5:00am MST/7:00am EST

**More times being added: including early EST, lunch & evenings.

(let us know what "other" times work for you and your peeps!!

We will create groups for you and your team/community!!)

CV3 Method Virtual Group Membership Options


I am an active 71 year old looking to maintain my participation in athletic and improve my strength. I find the CV3 classes meet both goals. The classes provide full body workouts with exercises that can be modified for individual circumstances and classes are small, allowing the coach to provide timely feedback, when necessary. I am a believer in this class. 

Jo, CO


Wow! The CV3 classes have really exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would find myself doing a band workout! This is like non other! The coaching is beyond amazing! I can see the difference in my body, my strength and my mindset. Thank you ladies for all that you do to keep me accountable and focused!

Sandy, FL.

I have been doing the 35 minute CV3 Method group sessions, the TRX sessions and the privates, all virtual, making this super easy for my schedule. Thank you so much for the personal touch, the smiles and your sense of humors. All of this really helps to keep me motivated! CV3 has the best instructors and the best people I know. Thank you ladies. I am enjoying all of the virtual sessions, including the new Stretch Fit! I am looking forward to more classes, including the Pilates & more yoga infused!

Robert, PA. 

We offer hybrid style training.

A mix of strength training, functional movement, metabolic capacity & athletic training!


Our workouts & video programs provide the freedom to focus on a targeted muscle group, sports-specific or style of workout.

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