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Kathy Gendelman

NFPT-Certified Personal Trainer | FAI-Certified Functional Aging Specialist | CETI- Certified Cancer Specialist |   |

AGTC-TRX Certified Coach |  Fit Bodies Instructor

NETA-Certified Pilates & Reformer | SCW-Certified Virtual Coach | CFx Certified Master Instructor

TRX-Qualified Yoga & Golf

RYT - 200 Yoga Instructor

Kathy Gendelman is a Fit Bodies Instructor & Coach Trainer. She has been an established fitness professional, doing both virtual & in-person group fitness and personal training. She is currently the Owner of CORE V3 Fitness, Philly & Co-Owner of CORE V3 Virtual. She began her fitness career working with the Penn State Football team, swimming for Penn State, on both the swim and synchronized swim team, and coaching Special Olympics swim and ski teams. Her background spans over 30 years in education; she graduated with a B.S. in Special Education from Penn State, and a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Arcadia University, and is a Doctoral candidate at Widener University. She now resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her two children that both share her passion for health, wellness and fitness. 

Her experience is a blend of group fitness, small group bootcamp, and personal training with a high focus on individuals that are looking to find their mojo, getting back, or just started on their fitness journey. She is sought after for her special niche with Adaptive Fitness and Functional Training with the Active Aging populations. Her functional approach to fitness has Kathy creating workouts that are fun and creative for all ages, sizes and abilities; and, programmed to get you stronger, healthier and leaner in a safe, progressive format. 
Kathy understands the importance of maintaining good health and positivity throughout life's journey, especially when dealing with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. She loves working with females who are over the age of 45 who are looking to get their mojo back or just workout like a "girl!" Kathy enjoys creating fitness programs and aspires to promote positivity while coaching other coaches and creating new routines. Whether you want to get more active at home, tone muscle, lose weight, increase your strength, mobility or balance, her workouts will help you not only achieve the results you are looking for; but, maximize your results and maintain them. When she is not training or coaching others, she can be found traveling, skiing, scuba diving, at the beach, enjoying the outdoors or at fitness conferences.


Favorite Quote: Me vs Me; You vs You!

            IG & FB: @gendyfitness 



Kathy is the bomb when it comes to Corefirst Training. Best virtual classes - its like she is right next to you, correcting form and giving you a great workout according to your schedule! Every class is well-planned and time flies by!

Toby, PA

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