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High Quality Golf Fitness Program

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IS THERE EVER AN OFF SEASON FOR GOLF?? That's what golf vacations are for! Contact us to obtain our High Quality Golf Fitness Program using the CoreFirst Trainer. You will be able to Increase mobility, less back pain using a stronger core & have a more powerful power stroke and Increased yards on your swing. 



I've been with Stacey for two years, since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. She has been the most valuable part of my team of recovery and moving forward in my life!

Henry, CO


Kathy, I have to thank you for all your amazing workouts. Today I was told I had a nice butt. It was looking firm. lol. This was the first time I have EVER been told this. I was always told I had a Buffalo butt, bubble butt, bazooka butt but never nice!

I was definitely sore most of the morning, even painful, a good pain though! lol But now I'm just sore, enough to know I worked my muscles. I definitely notice a difference in my energy level, balance and mobility since being with you!

Maria, PA.

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