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Stacey Vachon

BS Exercise Physiology, University of Southern Maine | FMS-Level 2 Certified Functional Movement Screen 

NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer  | BFR Certified 

CFx Certified Master Instructor

BJ Huttner - Certified Mat Pilates |  Fit Bodies Instructor

Fitour -Yoga Instructor

Stacey Vachon a Fit Bodies Instructor. She is the owner of CORE V3 Fitness & Co-owner CORE V3 Virtual. She began her fitness journey as a soccer player in Maine and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Stacey now lives in Vail, Colorado with her two kids with a strong life focus on health and fitness. As a top fitness instructor, Stacey built her career training coaches, athletes, and clients at all skill levels. With over 15 years of experience, she brings her extensive knowledge into creating programs that are designed to challenge her clients to go beyond what they believe is possible. Stacey’s positive, creative and hard-working energy helps clients gain confidence and improve mobility.

Stacey, having undergone a procedure for heart complications, understands the importance of post-surgery and rehab fitness to help clients regain movement and confidence. Her passion for fitness drives her to continue learning new skills and obtain qualifications that will allow her to help a wide variety of clients. Whether you are an elite athlete trying to meet your goals or someone who is relatively new to fitness, Stacey can build an effective, individualized plan that incorporates core stability, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and proper nutrition. When she’s not inspiring clients to be their best, Stacey brings her competitive energy outdoors as she has fun split boarding up a mountain, wake surfing, or mountain biking and fitness competitions.

She is always up for a challenge and loves making fitness fun! 


Favorite Quote: Live like you were dying


Stacey’s vibrant energy and devotion to creating strength in all realms is truly contagious. She will inspire and motivate you beyond your perceived limits. Her methods are considerate and challenging with incredible integrity. Stacey will help you reach your fitness goals and have a hell-of-a-lot-of-fun while you’re at it!

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